Coliseum Roof

Less space, more greatness

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Vertical construction to optimize space, save costs and maximize its profitability

Make your club more profitable and allow yourself to continue expanding without the lack of space being an obstacle to your project.

We have many examples today of padel clubs around the world whose shapes or structuring do not allow them to expand as a consequence of insufficient space, physiognomy or resources of the city.

A clear example is Japan, where the horizontal construction has been stopped and a rethinking of its architecture towards a vertical, cost-effective, and orderly construction model was needed.

Thanks to our developments, cities such as New York, Tokyo or Hong Kong can now have greater profitability concerning the earthly space. Execute with Padelgest an ambitious project that incorporates structures of vertical expansion for padel courts.

Our goal is to consolidate a more compact organization for the use of the space to be 100% productive and for the profitability of your club to become a reality.