International support

A perfect complement

Padelgest provided the international projects with an integral service within the padel universe: supply or assessment on padel materials and equipment of the top brands, exhibitions, inauguration events for new clubs or training, as well as guidance on the management of instructors and clubs.

Clothing, padel rackets and accessories

The padel court is just a physical centre of the universe of this sport.

The sale of padel rackets, clothing and accessories is a key point in the business.

Padelgest gives you access to the leading brands.

Professional padel exhibition

Padel enthusiasts have idols and heroes; these are necessary and are the reason for their existence. “I want to play like him” or “I want to play like her” is something one frequently hears among amateur players.

The same principle applies to padel. It is the key to attracting amateur players and ensuring they return.

Padelgest organises masterclasses and exhibitions with the greatest legends of this sport.

Training and certification

At Padelgest, we believe that specific knowledge of padel is the key to success in exploiting your courts.

At Padelgest, we offer training programmes addressed to managers and padel coaches, aimed at providing the tools that will help you attract and retain the players.

The coaches’ experience and readiness will allow you to train local directors easily.

Padelgest makes the permanence of experienced coaches and managers possible for a the short and mid-term.

Maximising the return of exploitation is our priority