Seeking out the authentic

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Be authentic. Strive for excellence.

The planned obsolescence of the most economical and fast product does not appear to be a good long-term option. At Padelgest, we strive every day to retrieve the values of traditional manufacturing – our grandparents’ way of doing things when the time went by slower, when the attention to detail and the relationships with others was the most important part. Our goal is to use strong, solid and long-lasting products so that our padel courts continue being the best option in the long term.

At Padelgest, we are proud of our methodology and our team

Barcelona became the European Capital of Innovation and, thanks to the excellence of the Catalan industry, has now also become the best place in the world to manufacture padel courts. Padelgest has three factories of more than 1.000 square meters each located in Barcelona. From there, we exhaustively supervise the manufacturing process from beginning to end.

Our highly qualified human team is a guaranteed success value.