Smart court

Equip your courts with the accessories that will welcome you to the new technological age in the padel industry.

You will have access to a range of electronic devices and digital tools that will allow you not only to enjoy a unique experience but also to manage and set the ambience of your club to the next level in a personalized way. All that will make it a real pleasure to play in your Padel courts.

Wireless speakers

Music can distract athletes from their efforts, pain and fatigue and the same time it raises their spirits and increases their resistance.

Over the last decade, psychologists have managed to better understand the link between mental attitude and bodily change when mixing music and physical activity.

When the athlete listens to music, his/her motivation will increase while the perception of difficulty goes unnoticed. Most of the time this happens subconsciously.

Equip your court with high sharpness and performance speakers to play at the maximum level and acclimate the games. Its Bluetooth connection will allow you to control the sound and its multiple connectable accessories will give you control and prestige to the sport events you organize.

Record & Live video

In collaboration with a technological company, we constantly develop new systems for automation recording of practices and games. This technology allows our clients to improve the coaches’ technical and tactical analysis.

You will be able to integrate a high-resolution recording system in your padel court to produce and distribute padel games in an automatic and efficient way and be able to analyse the best plays, improve your strategy and perfect your playing technique.

Social hub & Access

We collaborate with the leading company in clubs’ access and management applications. Easy-to-use tools allow individuals to easily book their courts and find opponents, generating more connections within the communities.

Arrange games and manage your club autonomously and automatically.

Access to your courts with a hypermodern control using your smartphone or regular control access.

Smart layers

– Intelligent projection layers: turn your padel court into a spectacular projection screen and foster digital communication, advertisement and dynamic communication of your club.

We use the latest technology in intelligent layers that enable you to project on the glass of your padel courts holograms and sharp pictures without compromising the view of the game since the intelligent layers are designed to let you see through them. When not in use, these layers look like regular glass.

– Intelligent switching layers: enjoy your padel game with total privacy and security.

The intelligent switching layers can convert from clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque) in a quite simple way. When switched off, the layer serves as an electric blind that provides privacy and security.

Control the lights with your smartphone

Using your smartphone, you can instantly control the activation of the lights, its colours and the consumption information of your state-of-the-art Laser Led Intelligent Plus spotlights.

Our courts welcome you with an Ambilight laser-led courtesy light to provide the ideal atmosphere for developing what can be a galactic padel game.


With our state-of-the-art electronic scoreboards for padel courts, you will surely not miss any detail of the game.

With clear and visible numbers and an intuitive pocket remote, you will have maximum control of the games.