Four super-panoramic padel courts installed in Houston, Texas

Four super-panoramic padel courts installed in Houston, Texas

The Rising Popularity of Padel in the United States

Padel is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States, leading to the anticipated opening of numerous new courts and clubs this year. Gradually, this sport is making its way to various regions and locations worldwide. At Padelgest, we have been installing courts on five continents for several years, witnessing firsthand the growing international appeal of padel. Today, we want to discuss one of our latest projects in the United States: the recent inauguration of the TEMPO Padel and Pickleball Club in Houston. This is one of the many clubs across the country embracing this new trend, offering the opportunity to introduce padel to the bustling city of Houston, Texas.

TEMPO Padel and Pickleball Club

The culture of sports clubs in the United States is a well-established practice. Whether private or public, a large part of the American population finds these spaces an opportunity to socialize, create new connections, and enjoy their leisure time playing sports with others who share their passion.

In the case of TEMPO, university friends Leonardo Penuela and Tomas Rodriguez, driven by their love for padel, decided to create their own sports club in Houston due to the lack of facilities for this sport in the city. Their project aims to introduce padel to the Houston community with a well-defined strategy.

Padelgest’s Contribution

At Padelgest, we collaborated by installing four super-panoramic padel courts for this new club. According to the founders, Leonardo Penuela and Tomas Rodriguez, the initiative seeks to provide professionals and enthusiasts with a high-quality playing experience, a place to relax, and a vibrant social community in Houston.

Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

TEMPO offers the opportunity to play both padel and pickleball. While pickleball is very popular and well-established in the United States, padel is gaining ground. Although both sports are played in pairs with shots back and forth across the court, padel involves longer, deeper shots, whereas pickleball focuses on closer net play.

TEMPO is a state-of-the-art sports club featuring rest areas, a wellness zone, a lounge bar, and a store for professional equipment, offering rentals and sales of everything needed for both sports. It’s a dynamic space designed to meet the needs of padel and pickleball enthusiasts, providing an authentic and professional playing experience with areas to relax and socialize in the warm city of Houston, Texas.

Padelgest’s Outdoor Padel Courts

We installed four outdoor super-panoramic padel courts, equipped with 12 mm safety tempered glass for a 360º view of the game for spectators. The courts are fitted with cutting-edge lighting to ensure excellent visibility on cloudy days or during evening hours. Built with a robust and durable laminated steel structure, these courts are designed to withstand all types of weather conditions, wear, and exposure. They feature exclusive STX turf for controlled bounce.

Padelgest’s Commitment

At Padelgest, our enthusiasm for padel drives us to design high-quality sports facilities with all the amenities needed to provide players with an exceptional playing experience. If you are looking for a top-notch solution for your sports club, Padelgest has what you need. Contact our team to tailor a solution to your specific needs and requirements.

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