Requirements for Covered Padel Courts

Requirements for Covered Padel Courts

Covered padel courts are an ideal solution for enjoying this racket sport throughout the year and represent a profitable option for sports clubs. In this article, we explore in detail the requirements that these courts must meet.

Characteristic Aspects of Covered Padel Courts

Having covered padel courts is a profitable and attractive alternative for sports clubs that want to offer their members the possibility of playing without worrying about the weather. The investment for building a covered padel court is very profitable. These courts must comply with current municipal regulations and the official regulations of sports regulatory bodies. A minimum height of about 6 meters and a suitable ceiling material to ensure a good ball bounce are required.

Types of Covers for Padel Courts

There are three main types of covered padel courts: indoor courts, courts with integrated structure covers, and courts with added covers.

Some of the most demanded covers are:

  • Canvas Cover: Economical and suitable for temperate climates.
  • Sheet Metal Cover: Resistant and low maintenance.
  • Solar Cover: Incorporates solar panels for greater profitability and sustainability.

Measurements of a Covered Padel Court

The measurements of a covered padel court must comply with the recommendations of the regulatory entities of the game. The playing surface must be 20 meters long by 10 meters wide, with a minimum height of 6 meters and a lateral aisle of at least 1 meter wide for player circulation.

Advantages of a Covered Padel Court

Covered padel courts offer several advantages:

  • Protection against adverse weather conditions.
  • Resistance to the passage of time and weather effects.
  • Lower maintenance needs.
  • Protection for players during the game.
  • Profitability for sports clubs by allowing a greater flow of players throughout the year.
  • Compliance with construction regulations and regulations.

Price of a Covered Padel Court

The price of a covered padel court varies depending on various factors, but it is an accessible option for clubs looking to maximize their economic performance and offer a protected outdoor environment to players. At Padelgest, we offer solutions tailored to each club, including our innovative Coliseum padel court, designed to maximize space and profitability in urban environments.

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