How much does a padel court cost? Prices and profitability.

How much does a padel court cost? Prices and profitability.

Padel is a sport that has been gaining popularity worldwide in recent years. More and more
padel courts are being installed in towns and cities where interest in playing this sport has
grown among residents, including at a professional level. If you’re thinking of installing a padel
court or are a padel enthusiast interested in knowing how much a padel court costs, you’ve
come to the right place. In today’s post, we’ll talk about it and the aspects that can affect the
final price and its profitability.

How much does it cost to build a padel court?

The construction cost of a padel court can vary due to many factors, from the consideration of
the location where it will be placed, the materials used for its construction, to the type of
services that will be added to the sports facility to enhance the players’ experience. If you’re
curious or want to know how much it costs to build a padel court, we’ll break down the
elements to consider, which can fluctuate the final price. All these aspects are not strictly
related to the price of a padel court, but it is necessary to take them into account if you want
to calculate the profitability of the installation.

Location – Indoor/outdoor

Before building a padel court, it’s important to consider its location. Will it be an indoor or
outdoor padel court? Depending on this, the price of the land can vary. In other words, a piece
of land without construction is not the same as one that already has a structure. In this sense,
you can choose to buy or rent land, a warehouse, or a room with the minimum dimensions for
a standard padel court, 10 meters by 20 meters. Thus, a minimum of 200 square meters is
required to install a single padel court.

Considering land purchase is interesting, as renting can be a long-term inconvenience.
Generally, padel courts are not designed for relocation, causing significant losses if, for some
reason, it is necessary to leave the land.

Another aspect to consider that can affect the price of a padel court is the installation location.
If an outdoor padel court is desired, the materials chosen for the installation must be of the
highest quality and resistant to weather conditions and the passage of time. Naturally, these
courts require more maintenance than an indoor padel court.

Furthermore, depending on the characteristics of the location, necessary installations should
be carried out to prepare the site with water and electricity at a minimum. Additionally, in the
case of adapting industrial warehouses, it will be necessary to complete the installation with
air conditioning, bathrooms, and changing rooms, as well as reception and parking facilities for
players if necessary.

Price of the padel court

As mentioned in the previous point, it’s important to be aware of the dimensions of a padel
court and the space needed for the installation, a minimum of 200 square meters just for the
court. Depending on the type of land chosen for installation, the use of one material or
another will be required.

The type of floor, glass, nets, the material of the external structure, the number of lights in the
installation, fencing, frames, the type of anchoring, among others, can vary the final price of a
padel court. The most basic design of a padel court currently on the market is around €15,000.
Depending on the additional features desired and their quality, the price of a padel court can
increase considerably.

At Padelgest, you can find very comprehensive and high-quality padel courts at a competitive
price, such as our Club padel court. It is a cost-effective and complete alternative, with a
robust yet refined design, faithful to classic padel court models for an authentic playing
experience with reduced investment and quick profitability.


The installation of a padel court is not limited to land purchase and court construction; it also
requires minimal maintenance: cleaning the floor and glass, as well as the surrounding facilities
such as reception, changing rooms, or the cafeteria if available. The budget for purchasing a
padel court usually includes the repair of small damages that may occur due to the use of the
facility, as well as painting the floor lines and replacing the net when necessary.


It’s important to consider the staff of the facility in the price of a padel court. That is, in the
case of building padel courts for a sports center, at least one person will be required at
reception to welcome players, take care of the facilities, and be available to users whenever
necessary. In the price, and especially when calculating the return on investment, the salary of
this person must be taken into account.

The hiring of padel instructors can also be considered to offer players the possibility of
enjoying personalized training within the facilities. It’s also important to include cleaning and
maintenance staff for the facilities. In the case of having changing rooms, regular cleaning
services will be required to keep the facilities in good condition for use.

Advantages of building a padel court

Taking into account all the aforementioned aspects, we can deduce an approximation of how
much a padel court costs and offer an excellent experience to users. Regardless, investing in
padel courts currently has many advantages. Here are some of the most prominent:

  • Padel courts, unlike other sports facilities, require minimal maintenance.
  • Padel is a growing sport worldwide. Every year, there are more players and fans willing to use facilities close to them. Therefore, it ensures a stable flow of players.
  • The rental price of a padel court can be for four people or two, making the hourly rental much
    more economical and accessible for players.
  • Standard padel matches usually do not last more than 1 hour and 30 minutes, allowing for a
    wide range of players per day in the facilities.
  • Padel players come in all ages, allowing reaching all kinds of audiences.

Is it profitable to set up a padel court?

As we have mentioned throughout the article, installing a padel court is usually very profitable,
as the initial investment can be recouped in a short time. This has led many sports centers and
padel enthusiasts to create their own facilities to share this sport with other enthusiasts and
professional players.

It is worth noting that, nowadays, a wide variety of options and different types of padel courts
can be found, which will significantly vary the final price. Regardless of the chosen solution,
quality should prevail above all else. Remember that quality is synonymous with durability, and
when talking about such a solution, thinking long-term is fundamental.

Padelgest is a leading brand in the world of padel. We specialize in the manufacture and
installation of premium-quality padel courts around the world. In our select portfolio, we have

a wide range of solutions that cover all kinds of needs. You can find everything from padel
courts, such as our Club design, ideal for starting a padel club with a lower investment, to
courts that combine technology and an unparalleled gaming experience, such as our Solar Roof
court, a solution capable of generating natural and renewable energy thanks to its
photovoltaic panels. Additionally, we have other customizable and exclusive designs that we
can adapt to the needs of each case.

Whether you are planning to invest in padel courts or want to install a particular court on your
property, Padelgest is your best ally. Contact us to provide you with a solution tailored to your
needs and design the padel court with which to enjoy an exceptional gaming experience.

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